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Pre-adolescents/Adolescent (ages 10-20)

Pre-adolescents/Adolescent (ages 10-20)

Pre-teens/Teens are developing independence, going through physical and emotional changes, and forming how they view themselves in relation to their peers. This process alone can rock the boat at home, school and everywhere they go but alongside any other stressor and everything can escalate further.

Therapy can be a place separate from home, school and peers where your pre-teen/teen can process all of this change furthering their growth rather than derailing it. The first session is only for the parents/guardians. Once your pre-teen/teen begins therapy it is preferable to keep session content confidential between them and the therapist for the most benefit out of therapy. Communication between therapist and parent/guardian will be as needed. Pre-teens/teens will benefit from therapy with the following issues but are not limited to:

• Anger outbursts, crying fits and acting out behaviors
• Anxiety, depression and withdrawn behaviors
• Problems at school
• Issues with peers

• Parenting Teenagers – CD set by Dr. John Cox
• Boundaries with Teenagers by Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend
• The Five Love Languages of Teenagers by Gary Chapman