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Reconnaissance delights in engaging people to further their abilities to connect with others and thrive themselves. We quest to the places of concern together and find solutions that last. The therapy road is as unique as you are and Reconnaissance tailors the approach with each relationship. Reconnaissance specializes in the root of who you are – your heart – what makes you, you. Reconnaissance is about giving your heart what’s missing and pruning back what’s hindering you from living life abundantly. Therapy provides you the opportunity to learn at your core how to live in a way you haven’t before. Beyond more content or a formula for different behavior, Reconnaissance is committed to use therapy not for a short-term fix but a lasting benefit.

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Some of our Services:

Adult/Individual Therapy
Therapy is an investment in you. As you invest, it will be returned with lasting benefits.

Marital/Couples Therapy
Marital/Couples therapy is beneficial for those who have been living life together for a period of time.

Play Therapy for Children (ages 2.5 – 10)
Play is the natural language of a child. In play therapy, a relationship begins between your child and the therapist as the therapist responds to the play.

Dating couples thinking about whether to marry, and engaged couples will benefit from couples therapy.

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